Rati Saxena –  Born in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. She is a poet, writer,  translator, Editor and Vedic scholar, writes in Hindi and English. Presently lives in Trivandrum , Kerala, India. She is also festival Director of kritya International poetry festival from 2005 onwards.

• Biography –  Rati Saxena has passed  B.A. (Honours) Sanskrit, Maharani College, Rajasthan University,1972; M.A. SANSKRIT (Vedic study  specialization) , Rajasthan University, 1974. She has Ph.D in ‘Atharvavediya Padarth Yojana’, Vedic Sanskrit, Rajasthan University,1978. And then again B.Ed- Sanskrit, Kerala University, 1987 and also M.A Hindi, Rajasthan University, 1994.
• Work experience –  She was Lecturer in the Teachers Training College, Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha, 1987–2003. She worked  as Visiting professor in Shankaracharya Sanskrit University, Kaledy in dept of Vedic study from 2006 to 2010 . She is a full time writer/ poet since 2011.
• Writings – Rati Saxena is writing in three directions. she has done research and explores the cultural, philosophical and historical aspects of ancient India through study of Vedas. She has published a number of papers on related subjects. She holds an eminent place in world poetry and writes in Hindi. Apart from these subjects, she writes travelogues and criticism too.
• Other activities – She is the editor of bilingual poetry web journal ‘www.kritya.in’  which is online since 2005. She is also the director of international Poetry festival- kritya since 2005.



  1.  “THE SEEDS OF THE MIND”- A fresh approach to study of the  Atharvaveda . Publication Scheme, Jaipur- (Rajasthan) 2005, A literary criticism in the field of indology.
  2. ‘BALAMONI AMMA KI KAVYAKALA aur JEEVAN DARSHAN’ (Balamoni Amma’s Poetic Art and Vision, Hindi), Kendra Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, 2002 (Hindi)
  3. The Fist Which Opens: A journey of poetry therapy from the distant past to the present future-. Hawakal Prkashan, Kolkatta 2020

Poetry books

  1. Maya Maha Thagini’ (Hindi), Gyan Prakashan Mandir, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India,1999.
  2. ‘Ajanmi Kavita Ki Kokha Se Janmi Kavitaen’ (Hindi), Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi, 2001.
  3. ‘Sapane Dekhata Samudra’ (Hindi), Published by Magadh Prakashan, Delhi 2003
  4. Ek Khirhaki aath salakhen’ (Hindi), Publication by Kritya prakashan  TVM, 2007
  5. The Serpent Coiling Woman Body’ (English), Virgo Publication, New Delhi.
  6. ‘One Window And Eight Bars’ (English), Publication by Kritya prakashan, TVM, 2007
  7. The Aroma of spices’ (Bilingual), Publication by Kritya prakashan,TVM, 2011
  8. ‘Kavita’ (Hindi), Publication by Kritya prakashan, Trivandrum, 2014
  9. ‘Poetry’ (English), Publication by kritya prakashan . Trivandrum, 2014.
  10. Scripted in the Streams- Translated by Seth Michelson, Published by Poetry walla, Mumbai-2017
  11. हंसी एक प्रार्थना है– Paperwall Media & Publising PVT.Lim-2019
  12. How to cut a jackfruit-Translated in English by Shelly Bhoil -AUTHORS PRESS GROUP, New Delhi, 2022
  13. देह धरण -New world publication-2023

Work Translated in to international languages

 विदेशी भाषाओं में अनूदित कविता पुस्तकें

    1. ‘Ottos barre A Una Finestra’ (Italian), by Federico Federici, edizioni di cantarena, 2008, Genova.
    2. ‘Rogha Danta’, (Irish), Translated by Gabriel Rosenstock kavita, kritya  prakashan, Trivandrum, 2013.
    3. hoianpihus Kardemonikupraid (Estonian) -Translated by Margus Lattic, Mathura2015
    4. Mo Duoc Song Vung Dat Khac (Vietnamese) translated by Pham Van Binh Dich 2015
    5. Dos poetas en una -“Selected poems” (Rati Saxena/Kenia Martínez), 2017,Colection: “Two poets on” (Dos poetas en una), Publishing house: “Heart of mango” (Corazón de mango),Editor: Beatriz Vanegas Athias-2016( Spanish )
    6. РАМ ЗА СЛИКЕ( 2017) Published by Poetry festival,Smederevoۥs poet autumn , Translated by Dragan Dragojlovic
    7. Rati Saxena, Degisiyor Zaman- Turkish Translation by Baris Behramoglu.2021
    8. Rati Saxena’s poems, – in Uzbekistani by Azam Abidov– Under publication


  1. चींटी के पर ‘Cheenti ke par’ (Hindi), Yash Publication Delhi. 2012
  2. सफर के पड़ाव, कलमकार पब्लिकेशन ( 2021)
  3. अटारी पर चांद, New world publication ( 2022)
  4. स्याह पर्दों के ऊपर New world publication ( 2023)
  5. चाप स्टिक और बुद्ध New world publication( 2023)


  1. ‘Everything is past tense – A memory lane to Ayyappa Paniker’ (English), Kritya Prakashan , Trivandrum, 2012
  2.  ICU में ताओ-कैंसर की डायरी – New world publication( 2023)

Translations by Dr Rati Saxena

(From Malayalam to Hindi)

    1. नैवेद्य‍‍- बालामणियम्मा वाणी प्रकाशन 1996
    2. अय्यप्प पणिक्कर की काविताएं -साहित्य अकादमी , नई दिल्ली 1997
    3. कारूर नीलकण्ठ पिल्लै की चुनिन्दा कहानियां– साहित्य अकादमी,नई दिल्ली – 1999
    4. रस्सी -तकषि शिव शंकर पिल्लै के प्रसिद्ध उपन्यास का संक्षिप्त रूप का अनुवाद‍,नेशनल बुक ट्रस्ट – नई दिल्ली – 1999
    5. अपूर्ण और अन्य कविताएं – के सत्चिदानन्दन, राजकामल प्रकाशन, 2001
    6. तनाव का विशिष्ट अंक– के अय्यप्प पणिक्कर ‍April-June 2002
    7. मेरी दीवार पर– के अय्यप्प पणिक्कर ,ज्ञानपीठ, नई दिल्ली 2003
    8. हकलाहट ‍-के सत्चिदानन्दन, आलोक पर्व प्रकाशन , अप्रेल जून 2003
    9. कारूर नीलकण्ठ पिल्लै की सर्वश्रेष्ठ कहानियां, उत्तर प्रदेश हिन्दी संस्थान-2004
    10. कुरुक्षेत्र – के अय्यप्प पणिक्कर , तिवनन्तपुरम, 2006
    11. दस बजे- के अय्यप्प पणिक्कर , तिवनन्तपुरम, 2006
    12. नीर्मादल पूत्तकालम– कमलादास का उपन्यास, अप्रकाशित
    13. अथर्ववेद की प्रेम कविताएं– हिन्दी और अंग्रेजी में भावानुवाद-2007
    14. Atharvavediya love poems -Translated in to English from Sanskrit 2007

From International languages into Hindi

  1. ‘Genda ki udhan’,  Odveig Klyve’s poetry, kritya publication, 2011
  2. ‘Alabama’Helge Torvund’s poetry , kritya publication, 2013
  3. Selected poems of Menna Elfyn, A welsh Poet 2011
  4. Alap – Pratilap – Poems of My Van Phan, Vietnam -2016
  5. मौन मे एक शब्द– Dragan Dragojlovic, 2017
  6. क्रान्तिकारी कवि अतौल बहरामुगुलु-Poems of Ataol Bahramugulu -2023
  7. सौ बरस सौ कविताएं, चीन की आधुनिक कविता ‍ संपादन और  सह अनुवाद – 2018


  • Fellowship by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts in 2004-5,
  • Sahitya Akademi Award for Translation 2000,
  • State Bank of Travancore Award for poetry 2001,
  • Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes (International) for complete work 2016,
  • DJS Translation award for Chinese poetry (DJS is the acronym in Chinese for (Emily) Dickinson, the American woman poet) 2018,
  • The best poet of the year by Rajasthan Patrika Award biggest in the country for signal poem.(2020)The
  • The Fifth Boao International Poetry Award (2022) the Big Silver Medal of the VI Open Eurasian Literary Festival of Festivals LIFFT-2023.
  • Rajasthan Sahitya Academy’s highest award- Meera Purskar – 2023.
  • Kerala Sahitiya Akedemi’s -samagra sahitya Purskar – 2023.

Research Papers

Apart from poems and stories, Rati has written several articles particularly regarding Atharvaveda. She attempts to make a fresh reading of the Atharva veda from the point of view of (a) its contemporary relevance, (b) its literary and poetical quality, (c) its basis in the Indian folk tradition, (d) its socio-psychological orientation and (e) its closeness and similarity to modern scientific perceptions of the universe. Keeping this view in mind she has written several papers, which have been published in Indian and internet journals. Few of her works can be seen in,

In Hindi

1. Ph.D. Thesis – ‘AtharvavedIyaPadArthyojana’, Supervisor Dr. Sudheer Kumar Gupt, 1978, Rajasthan University.
2. Atharvaveda and folk culture, MadhyBharati, Sagar, India,1991, Madhya Pradesh
3. Vedic –Lokachar, chwmasa, Bhopal, 2000-2001, Madhya Pradesh, India
4. Marriage ceremonies in Vedas, chowmasa, 2000, Madhya Pradesh, India
5. SmrIti and Adim rag in Astha –Visvas , Marhai, Nov 1999, Chattisgarh, India
6. Khandit rag kiakhandta ka Alap, Marai, Nov 2000, Chattisgarh, India
7. Mratyu our Ved-
8. PRikrIti versus sanskRiti, Rachana, April, 2000, Madhya Pradesh, India
9. LokachetanakIprathamabhivyakti, Rangayana, -1997, Rajasthan, India
10. Women in Vedas and their freedom, Majara,- 2001, Rajathan
11. Kabir and atharvaveda , Bhasa,-1994
12. Holistic medicine and Atharvaveda, MadhyBharati, 2002, Madhya Pradesh, India
13. Vedic hinsa hinsa na bhavati- Lakamat-2010
14. Ved ka kaal Nirnaya -2014

Any many more

Some Important work in English

  1. AthavaVeda and folk culture, Journal of Sukritindra Oriental Research Institute, Kochi, India, October 2000.
  2. The Vedic Quest – Concerning the Universe, Space and Time- Indianest. Com June 2002 and Journal of Sukrindra Oriental Research Institute 2002
  3. Taking vedas to the Common Man, The Indian Express, June 7 , 2003
  4. Hindi literature related to the freedom struggle.- Bodheswaran Foundation December 11, 2004
  5. Ayurveda in Atharvaveda, Dept. Of  Vedant, Kalady.
  6. Translation in Practice. Malayalam Department, National seminar, SSUE, Kaledy
  7. Aesthetics of Translation, Sree Sankaracharya University, Kalady. Centre for         comparative Literature, National seminar on Comparative Literature a: current trends, March 2007
  8. Religion Marketing – National Seminar in Dpt of Pholosophy in SSUE Kaledy


She has been invited for poetry reading in prestigious poetry festivals

Rati Saxena

Rati Saxena was invited in international poetry festival.

  1. International House of Stavanger, Norway.14 May to 20 of May 2009 –
  2. Poesia Presente – Monza, Italy, 20 May to 22 of May 2009
  3. ROMA NELLA POESIA DEL MONDO, Filippo Bettini,Rome- 22 to 25 of May 2009,
  4. Kafka cafe Readings Vienna , Austria, 26 to 2 June 2009-
  5. Struga Poetry Evenings (SPE) (Macedonian,  Republic of Macedonia, 18 august 2010 to 24 august 2010
  6. Labyrinth poetry-Vienna, Austria– 24 august to 1 September 2010
  7. Festival International De Poesia2011, Medellin, Colombia1 July  to 10 July 2011
  8. The Sheer poetry festival- Denzili, Turkey, 22 .3.12, to 27.3.12
  9. University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Welsh, UK March 13, 2013
  10. Los Angeles USA invited by University Mary land 26 April to 7 May 2014,
  11. Fazra poetry festival ,Iran.16 May to 24 may 2014, invited by Culture Ministry Of Iran.
  12. Festival International De Poesia, Medellin , Colombia, 17 July to 29 July 2014
  13. The moon poetry festival- Beijing – China, 4 Sept to 11 September 2014,
  14. –4th international Eskisehir Poetry Festival. And Istanbul poetry festival Turkey-8 Oct to 16 Oct 2014
  15. The Asian poetry festival — to Honai, Vietnam, 28 Feb to 08 march 2015
  16. Special poetry reading in A Caruna , Spain 8 July -2015
  17. Poetry reading at Foundation Vicente Risco, at Allariz ( Spain ) 10 July -2015
  18. Grand Valley State University (USA) 28 September to 30 September, 2015
  19. International female poetry festival, created and host by Foundation Casa de la, Cultura, Cereté-Córdoba (Colombia). 4th to the 9th, November, 2015.
  20. Poetry Cafe- Poetry reading in three languages-London. Poetry reading with Meena Elfin, June 20, 2015.
  21. first edition of Twin Rivers International Poetry Week at Suiyang, Guizhou  -China-8 .5.2016. to 11.5.2016

22-10th Edition of Ritratti Di Poesia. 1rd Feb 2016 to Rome, and Vienna (Italy) to 5th feb 2016

23- The first Edition of Twin Rivers International Poetry week at Suiyang, Guizhou, China from 8.5.2016 to 11.5.2016

24- The Artist Residency in Munich, Germany with scholarship, from 05-08-2016 to 02-11-2016,

25-The Shanghai book Fair, International Poetry Festival, Shanghai, China from 16.06.2016 to 24.06.2016

26- The 47th International Smederevo Poetry Autumn, from 17, Oct 2017 to 19 Oct 2017, Serbia

27- Third International Spring and Poetry Festival, at Istanbul from 10 May to 14 May 2018, Turkey

28-International Poetry week, Zigong, Chengadu, China from 19th September to 25 September 2018

29- 3rd Edition of International Nilüfer Poetry Festival , Turkey 10-15 October 2018

30- The International Literature Festival of southwest Associated University – Unnan Normal University , China, 29 Nov to 31 December 2019

31- Artist Residency in Dale, Leju village – from 1 December to 25 December 2019- China

32– The 4th International Conference introducing & promoting Vietnamese literature and the 3rd International Poetry Festival, Vietnam- February 16 to 20, 2019 in Hanoi

33 First International Crete poetry festival-Crete Greece 2019, (19-21 September)

34-Sahitya 33-Sangam, Biratpor -Nepal, 2020.

35 The International Festival of Poetry “ORPHEUS” – PLOVDIV 2022 ( due Corona participate virtually

36- Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Feb 10 to Feb 15, , Dubai 2022-( due Corona participate virtually

37-“spring and Poetry” 2-8 May 2023 Istanbul – Turkey 2023

38- “Medellin Poetry festival”_ 8 July to 15 July 2023, Colombia 2023

39- “Poetry festival in Venezuela” 16 July 2023 to 23 July 2023

40-Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, 27 September to 11 October 2023

41-the Xicheng District Government of Beijing,-16-4-24 to 19-4-24 China.

42– Festival International de Poesie de Sidi Bao said -25 April to 29 April 2024 Tunisia

She is one of the founder member of the World Poetry Movement. She is the only Indian whose poem has been chosen in popular book of China, ‘110 modern poems of the world’.

 Member- editorial board-

    • Members of international boards
    • Member of the journal’s editorial board
    • Multilingual Journal of Literature and Opto-Art “WürZarT,”
    • Member of an international scientific board,
    • Experience in musical and literary fields (squilibri.it).
    • One of the founder member of World Poetry Movement.

Some Important Participation In India-

  1. National Seminar for literature- Udaipur (Rajasthan) 21 June to 23 June 1997
  2. POETRY READING in ASMITA, SahityaAkedemi Auditorium New Delhi-7 April, 1999
  3. International Seminar on Sanskrit theatre, Dr, Hari Sing Gowr University, SAGAR, 5.1.2000
  4. National Seminar for women, Govt. Arts and Science College, Calicut, 2,3, March, 2000
  5. Invited as a Special Guest by BakshiSrijanpeeth , Chattisgarh and presented poetry in different cities of Chattisgarh State, April 4 to April 10
  6. Poet – Translator Meet, SahityaAkedemi, Bombay, 20 October.2001
  7. Meet the Author, Book Fair, Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur, Jan.2002
  8. Poetry Reading in Asan Memorial Celebrations, Thiruvananthapuram , April 2003
  9. All India Radio, Rajkot January 2003.
  10. National Seminar in Hindi, StreeVimarshavamhindinatakvikasyatra, Dept. of Hindi, Payyanur college, PAYYANUR-Feburary-2004
  11. National Seminar, Krishna Cult in North India, SahityaAcedemy. Payyanur, Feb-2004
  12. LOK me PRATIRODH. ShreRamanandSaraswatiPustkalaya, jokharaAzamGarh, 13-15 March, 2004.
  13. International seminar on Mahabharat, SahityaAcedemy, New Delhi-2004
  14. Seminar for translation, SahityaAcedemy, New Delhi-2004
  15. National seminar on Translation and Resistance organized by The culture institute of Indian language, Mysore and Samyukta -2004
  16. National seminar on Vedas and inter disciplinary studies organized by KadavallurAnyonyaparishath november.15 to 25 –2004
  17. National seminar by Bodheswaran Foundation on Tradition and Modernity in Hindi literature related to the freedom struggle. on December –11 –2004.
  18. National seminar on Vedas and inter disciplinary studies organized by KadavallurAnyonyaparishath november.15 to 25 –2004
  19. National seminar for folk literature- Sahitya Academy and Ramnika foundation, Ranchi Bihar- 2005-March. ( paper on folk elimants in Vedas)
  20. 3- days lectures in SreeSankaracharya University , Kaledy Kerala Feb. 2006-
  21. Ayurveda in Atharvaveda- paper presented at SreeSankaracharya University Kalady, march-2006
  22. Poetry presentation in Kavyabharati, Kerala SahityaAkedemy and KerlraSahitya Academy –April 2006
  23. Lecture on functional Hindi—MARATHAANASIUS COLLEGE , KOTHAMANGALAM , KERALA – on 22.01.2007
  24. National seminar on Vedas and inter disciplinary studies organized by KadavallurAnyonyaparishath November.15 to 25-2006
  25. Kavita Utsav-2, J & K Acedemy of Art, Culture and language. – Gust of honor
  26. Translation in Practice. Malayalam Department, National seminar, SSUE, Kaledy
  27. On 2.Feb.2007
  28. Rereading of Vedas- SreeNeelakanta Govt. Sanskrit College of Pattambi- Kerala,     8 Feb. 2007.
  29. Central Institute Of Hindi, Mysore centre, Ministry of Human resource Devolopment Govt. of India March 8-9, 2007-03-23
  30. Aesthetics of Translation, Sreesankaracharya University, Kalady. Centre for comparative Literature, National seminar on Comparative Literature a: current trends. 2 March 2007
  31. Religion Marketing – National Seminar in dept of Philosophy in Sreesankaracharya University, Kalady.
  32. SahityaAkedemi, Ludhiana Punjab.
  33. Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Mysore, , BhashaprodhyogikikevibhinnAyam Feb 25-26 2010
  34. Poetry reading at Hydrabad literary festival –Jan,2014,
  35. Goa Literary Festival – Nov – 2014
  36. SARJANAA ODISHA, Litrary festival,  Odisha Feb- 2015
  37. Mumbai Literary festival, Mumbai – Feb-2016


  • Fellowship by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts in 2004-5
  • Sahitya Akademi Award for Translation 2000
  • Sate Bank of Travancore Award for poetry 2001
  • Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes ( International)  for 2016
  • Nadam Kerala, for literary work for 2017

Professional Experience:

1. Professor for BEd,( batchler of Education) at Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha ( 1989 to 2003)

2. Visiting Professor at Sri Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit ( 2005 T0 2012 )

3. Artist-in-residence at Ebenboeckhaus Munich

4. Artist-in-residence at Künstlerhaus Villa Waldberta

Member- editorial board-

1. Member of the journal’s editorial board Multilingual Journal of Literature and Opto-Art “WürZarT,”
2. Member of an international scientific board,experience in musical and literary fields (www.squilibri.it).

She is the only Indian whose poem has been chosen in popular book of China “110 modern poems of the world” Her poem was also part of space mission by Jaxa, Japan, along with 24 other poems Right now she is residence in Artist in Villa Wardbreta, Munich-August-Septmber-2016.

Apart from these books her poetry has published in different journal around the world like


http://www.versaljournal.org/versal2/le Voci della Lunna



poets International






She in media-

the Hindu-

Indian express

Struga Poetry evening

Festival Medellin

Poetry East and west

Kathmandu post-

Literary filmfestival