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Dr. Rati Saxena – Rati Saxena is a Poet, Translator, and Editor. She is a student of culture, history and ancient literature, and philosophy by passion. Thus her soul is wandering in these different directions. Being the student of Vedic studies in honours and Masters, having done PhD on subject related to Atharvaveda, she has worked more in restudy of ancient literature. In this direction, her work under Indira Gandhi Fellowship is – “The seed of mind – A fresh approach to Atharvaveda” study along many articles for journals. She has six collections of poetry in Hindi and four in English (Translated or rewritten). She has translated fifteen books mostly from Malayalam to Hindi, and five poetry books (International poets) from English to Hindi. Being a natural traveler, she has two travelogues in her credit. She has also written a Memoire- “Everything is past tense” about Ayyappa Paniker’s poetic journey and one book of criticism on Balamanyaama’s poetry.

Her book on poetry therapy came out with Hawakal publications, – A fist which opens,

a poetry therapy from distant past to present future.

Her poetry books have been translated into many internationals languages like Italian, Irish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Estonian, Serbian, English and Turkey languages by international poets. She has been invited to more than 30 poetry festivals. She has been in three residencies in Germany and China. Member of the journal’s editorial board Multilingual Journal of Literature and Opto-Art “WürZarT,”2. She is member of an international scientific board, experience in musical and literary fields (www.squilibri.it). Her poem was also part of space mission by Jaxa, Japan, along with 24 other poems.

She is not a big award catcher, still a few came to her automatically -Fellowship by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts in 2004-5, Sahitya Akademi Award for Translation 2000, State Bank of Travancore Award for poetry 2001, Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes (International) for complete work 2016, DJS Translation award for Chinese poetry (DJS is the acronym in Chinese for (Emily) Dickinson, the American woman poet) 2018, and best poet of the year by Rajasthan Patrika Award biggest in the country for signal poem.

Rati’s books in Hindi
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new book of hundred years of Chinese poetry
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Translation by Rati -one
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