Rati Saxena’s books

An Anthology of poetry – Published at the time of kritya2007 poetry festival 1- Editor:-Rati Saxena Co-editor:-Joneve McCormick, and Christina Pacosz Introduction:- Argo Spier First edition 2007- Publication- KRITYA-K.P.9/624, Vaijaynat, Chettikunnu, Medical College P.O. TRIVANDRUM-KERALA-695011,  INDIA Paper Back-Pages- 165 PRICE- 200/- Indian rupees – transport charges are extra( In INDIA) 2- Love Poems in the Atharvaveda Rati Saxena First edition

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freedom for expressions

Literature has only one religion: freedom for expressions Interview with Rati Saxena ( this interview is taken in 2002 ) By: Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi, Iranian poet and translator Dr Rati Saxena – is an eminent Hindi poet, translator and Sanskrit scholar. 1-Reading your poems , I feel poetry is your lost half. How did you find him¿ You are very much

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I am Kritya. Kritya – the intense word power. Kritya – which always moves along with the ultimate truth. Kritya – which exists completely in accord with rightness. I reside in the hearts of people who raise their voice in protest against all lies, all wrong doings and all injustice. I appear before them in myriad forms, one of the

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